Flower art by Makoto Azuma on yayzine.com 2

Flower art by Makoto Azuma

“Creating a flower bouquet is first and foremost an extremely egoistic act. Only flowers that have grown in the wild are beautiful enough; for all that – cut from their roots, their branches removed – they are freely bound with completely different specimens. I have spent more than fifteen years dedicating each day to this… More

Culottes and more seventies trends on yayzine.com

Trends from the 70’s: Culottes!

The seventies are everywhere nowadays! Let me introduce you to a few of my favorite contemporary interpretations of these vintage trends. First up: the culottes! We’ve seen the culottes popping up for a couple of seasons now. As for every new and a bit daring trend, the culotte needed a little time to make it through… More

Self-Portrait dresses on Yayzine.com

What to wear to a wedding: Self-Portrait

At the end of May I will be attending the wedding of one of my friends. A wedding! The best excuse to invest into a beautiful, elegant outfit you normally wouldn’t buy! That also means most of us don’t have a clue where to search for the right dress. We’re also past the age where… More

Rosie Assoulin on yayzine.com instagram by @manrepeller

Rosie Assoulin

photo above by @manrepeller As you all know, New York Fashion Week is in full force as we speak. I wanted to share this quick update with you on a brand that hit my feed like a breath of fresh air. Rosie Assoulin, a good friend of Leandra Medine, presented her FW15 collection today. This Brooklyn… More

Outfit with Levis' 501 CT jeans, white minimal Magdalena top, Fred de la Bretonière snake heels, MAC x Nasty Gal Stunner matte lipstick, half bun hairstyle on yayzine.com Belgium

Levi’s 501 CT

I have a thing for heritage brands. They bring so much to the table and are able to engage with their clients on a whole other level. Levi’s is one of those brands. They’ve been making the perfect jeans since 1853, the classic 501 being one of their most bought, sought after and customized iconic… More

John Kacere 1972 www.yayzine.com

John Kacere

Some people have a passion in life. And so does the first artist we’d like to introduce you to over here on Yayzine. John Kacere was a man with an eye for “the female landscape” as we like to call it. The man only painted navels, hips, buts, knickers and other bits of lingerie uninterrupted… More

10 fashion brands to follow on instagram on yayzine.com

10 fashion brands to follow on Instagram

I love following brands on instagram. It’s the perfect way to stay updated on what they’re doing and to keep them “top of mind”, or should it be “top of feed”? Here are 10 of my favorite fashion brands to follow on instagram. I hope you have as much fun discovering them as I did:… More

A girl geek guide to fashion on yayzine.com, Delvaux Brillant X-Ray bag, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony alpha 5100 camera

A girl geek guide to fashion

More than once, I’ve felt like a bit of a girl geek. Not that I’m into computer language, gaming or anything like that, it’s more of a tech fashion/blogger related kind of thing. People even tend to ask me advice about these topics nowadays. About time to introduce you to 3 of my favorite daily… More

Outfit with Nanushka bomber, Asos White palazzo pants, Stella McCartney Falabella bag, Asos stripe shirt on Yayzine.com


Someone recently asked me why I started blogging. Well… simple: to introduce you to brands like Hungarian fashion label Nanushka! Love at first sight. I discovered this boutique brand about 3 seasons ago, kept my eye on it and watched it grow. I don’t believe in coincidence, so when I got the chance to meet… More