A clean look, my way.

I’m the enthusiast. You can take that in quite the 360° way. That’s why I also tend to fall for abundant fashion. The more, the merrier you could say. Heck, you only live once! And color and beauty make people smile! Plus, it’s part of my personality, so why should I tone that down?
But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the minimal brands of this world. But when I go to, let’s say COS, I do tend to pick out a little something special anyway. Like this beautifully structured cape dress. Not black this time, but soft khaki green. The black is in my Wolford tights. The playfulness? In the wave of the cape sleeves. The color injection? On my lips in the form of Etam’s newest beauty line. On my neck, a minimal hint of bling from Diamanti Per Tutti.


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