Eddy Anemian for H&M Design Award shoot on www.yayzine.com

Eddy Anemian for H&M: a preview!

For the last couple of years, H&M has me longing for their H&M Designer Award collection time and time again! As I’m looking forward to wearing my Minju Kim items from last year when the temperatures drop, I’m also happy to announce I’ve been playing around with the new Eddy Anemian collection, hitting stores the 23rd of October. If all goes well, I will meet Eddy on the 20th of October. I will be able to ask him some personal questions, so if there’s anything you’d like to know, feel free to tell me in the comments below. In the mean time, enjoy this first glimpse of the most wonderful skirt ever sold in the history of H&M! A true beauty. Note to self: wear more ultra long styles! “What will this beauty cost?”, you’re probably wondering! The black top comes in at 24,99€ and the skirt at 249€. It’s worth every penny!



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