Komono just launched one of their best collabs to date, if you ask me! Baloji is never just but always more than one of the following things: a poet, a composer-lyricist/beatmaker, scriptwriter, actor and performer, video artist and stylist. Born in Congo, Baloji grew up in Belgium, bringing together the best of both worlds in everything he does. The Baloji x Komono collab offers us glorious Congolese elegance in gold and green tortoise malachite combined with our favorite Komono shapes. A rich combo, in your face, in just the right amount, the way I like it.
My favorite style? The Mujinga. Inspired by Baloji’s mother, who he’ll always recognize by her big almond-shaped eyes. Baloji: “Big eyes attract attention and betray your thoughts: glasses can act as protection and disguise.” I couldn’t agree more! I have pretty big eyes and thus can never seem to hide my true thoughts or feelings. These shades are the perfect ally to protect me from my own honesty. As for the tears on the sides, we all carry a dose of melancholy around, never on the surface, always detectable in the depths of our eyes.

Go and check out the full collection right here.


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