Pigeon perfect!

I’ve got this thing with animals. No shit Sherlock! And I’ve got this thing with my new Levi’s Lot 700 High Rise Skinny. I fill it up nicely and it’s just that damn comfortable. It’s my new daily staple. Grab, slide, button, add a simple T or a white shirt, go for sneakers or heels, you’ll be dressed to impress either way! Their new stretch denim fabric makes you feel very feminine, it brings out the best in your curves. Go and ask for the new Lot 700 fits in your local Levi’s store, there’s one for every type of woman. I’m seriously contemplating adding the Bootcut and Straight to my collection as well. Never nog wearing Levi’s. Classic denim for the win!

wearing: denim: Levi’s / heels: Carven / bag: Chloé / shirt: Arrow + AF Vandevorst / lips: Etam Beauty




For other pigeon lovers: You’ll find this street art in Antwerp, on the parking of Velodome in the Boomgaardstraat. Enjoy!

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