Lucien De Roeck

Last weekend we visited the museum of Ixelles in Brussels. Both for the impressive collection of Belgian artists as well as their temporary exhibition on the likes of Lucien De Roeck (1915-2002). We knew Lucien’s winning poster design for the city of Antwerp back in 1934, from the replica hanging in our friends’ living room; picturing Antwerp as… More

The evolution of Stella Jean

Stella Jean, a woman with one of my favorite female first names, also the designer with Creole and Italian roots. I’d like to introduce you to her Spring/Summer ’15 collection, not only because she elaborately uses donkeys and giraffe print in her pieces, I’m an animalistic girl you know, but far most because I like… More

Welcome to Yayzine!

Welcome to Yayzine! We’ve been waiting for you to show up on our virtual doorstep and have a look around. Some of you might know us from The Merrymakers, our former blogger home. Well Yayzine will be the next chapter in our online adventure. What can you expect? A look into the world through our… More

sevens chloé yayzine

Sevens Ghent: designer bag philosophy

bag: Chloé Drew at Sevens / coat: COS / shirt: Arrow / pants: & Other Stories bag: Balenciaga Le Dix at Sevens Before moving to the Belgian capital of fashion, I’ve always been a girl from Ghent. I’ve known the city for a long time, I’ve seen stores come and go. But there was always this… More

Ateliers Delvaux Bruxelles on

Delvaux, from the kingdom of Belgium: An introduction

Now that we’re all proud being Belgian, thanks Red Devils for the World Cup fun, it’s time to look beyond the football field, onto another terrain we Belgians have been mastering for over decades… Not to long ago, I had the honor to visit the ateliers of Delvaux in Brussels. It was all I ever expected and… More