I’ve got your back

Exposing your back feels like risky business. Far more confronting than wearing a deep neckline or a very short skirt, I think. You feel vulnerable and naked. But sometimes there’s no shame in showing that side of yourself. It’s also delicate and beautiful. This Wolford body exposes and covers at the same time, simultaneously stimulating… More

John Kacere 1972 www.yayzine.com

John Kacere

Some people have a passion in life. And so does the first artist we’d like to introduce you to over here on Yayzine. John Kacere was a man with an eye for “the female landscape” as we like to call it. The man only painted navels, hips, buts, knickers and other bits of lingerie uninterrupted… More

Body Image Body, by Wolford

Let’s celebrate female beauty with this first new shoot on Yayzine! Something perfectly embodied by a brand like Wolford. In 2015 Wolford is celebrating it’s 65th birthday. Not many hosiery brands have been around for that long, staying true to their core business and striving to provide the quality that they do. Never underestimate the hard… More