Tate Shots: Agnes Martin

“From music people accept pure emotion, but from art they demand explanation” Let us introduce you to Agnes Martin. Quite the extraordinary artist. Famous for her grids, she hasn’t always been the abstract painter we know today. It took her about 20 years to reach a state of art she was happy with. She found out… More

Swedish melancholy at its driest

Sometimes you just feel connected to a brand. I had been seeing Stutterheim raincoats all over the place. They intrigued me and I decided to take a closer look at the product and the brand story that comes with it. I stumbled upon their poetic tagline, “Swedish melancholy at its driest”, and immediately knew what… More

Eddy Anemian for H&M Design Award shoot on www.yayzine.com

YAY interview: Eddy Anemian for H&M

Sometimes, something has “YOU” written all over it! For me that was the case with Eddy Anemian for H&M. When I saw his winning collection for the H&M Designer Award last year, all I could think of was: I need this in my life and closet! I already gave you a little preview of my favorite skirt and today I… More