Hide & Seek

I like to change things up. I’m restless. I love things “fresh, exciting” or reinvented. But how do you apply these rules without over-consuming. I’m at that age where you can’t spend your money on the cheap shit anymore, you want to built up your wardrobe for life and come to a point where the… More

10 fashion brands to follow on Instagram

I love following brands on instagram. It’s the perfect way to stay updated on what they’re doing and to keep them “top of mind”, or should it be “top of feed”? Here are 10 of my favorite fashion brands to follow on instagram. I hope you have as much fun discovering them as I did:… More


Someone recently asked me why I started blogging. Well… simple: to introduce you to brands like Hungarian fashion label Nanushka! Love at first sight. I discovered this boutique brand about 3 seasons ago, kept my eye on it and watched it grow. I don’t believe in coincidence, so when I got the chance to meet… More