The evolution of Stella Jean

Stella Jean, a woman with one of my favorite female first names, also the designer with Creole and Italian roots. I’d like to introduce you to her Spring/Summer ’15 collection, not only because she elaborately uses donkeys and giraffe print in her pieces, I’m an animalistic girl you know, but far most because I like the evolution I see.

She started off using the classic wax prints she knows from her maternal roots and is now evolving towards the perfect combination of Italian and Creole culture in the most fashionable way. The abstract wax prints have made way for a more figurative, landscape and contemporary type of print. The Italian tailoring techniques, used in interesting layers, result in outstanding elegant fits. These are the pieces you buy and never forget. Never boring, always stylish. In beautiful thick satin fabrics with a humoristic print to keep you with both feet on the ground. Maximalistic, just the way I like it!

I hope that webshop button on the website will soon be active. For my Belgian readers: you can find Stella Jean now over at Cachemire Coton Soie in Brussels.


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