Trends from the 70’s: Culottes!

The seventies are everywhere nowadays! Let me introduce you to a few of my favorite contemporary interpretations of these vintage trends. First up: the culottes!

We’ve seen the culottes popping up for a couple of seasons now. As for every new and a bit daring trend, the culotte needed a little time to make it through to the streets. And just like with any other funky trend from the seventies you’ve got lovers and haters. I for one will surely be showing off some ankle this spring! And I’ve got to admit I’m really smitten with all the love, peace and freedom vibes the seventies bring for the seasons to come.

Below are a few of my favorite ways to style your beloved culottes. In general I would wear them dressed up, like a new kind of suit. Tone on tone. Or layered in an unexpected way. The culottes is a showstopper, so make sure to dress down on the top part. Keep it simple, your culottes will do the rest!
Oh, and have I told you about the boyish mischief that’ll pop to mind when wearing your culottes? Only for the true garçonne!


  1. Loving that the seventies trends are coming back! I’m definitely starting to see culottes in store and online of many companies.

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