Body Image Body, by Wolford

Let’s celebrate female beauty with this first new shoot on Yayzine! Something perfectly embodied by a brand like Wolford. In 2015 Wolford is celebrating it’s 65th birthday. Not many hosiery brands have been around for that long, staying true to their core business and striving to provide the quality that they do. Never underestimate the hard work that goes into making the perfect pantyhose!

They have designed a special collection to celebrate their 65th birthday and the Image String Body is part of that. When I first laid eyes on this beauty, I knew wearing it would make me feel sexy as hell. And well… it did! But it’s also very comfortable and soft, like pantyhose for the body. It supports your body and skin just like Wolford tights do.


I certainly don’t have the perfect body and the people who know me well, also know that I’m not really looking to accomplish that either. I’m proud of my juicy hourglass figure and I even have a nickname for my ever present baby bump. Of course I live through days where I don’t feel that confident. Overall it’s about excepting who you are, your body being an intrinsic part of that. Wearing this Wolford one-piece only emphasizes the love I feel for the female body, I can recommend just about anyone to try it on, you’ll feel supported in every kind of way. We’ve been living in a rigorous world concerning female body image for far to long, let’s celebrate diversity! You’ll be seeing some more posts of me proudly embracing my natural beauty on Yayzine and I’ll hope to discover yours along the way. Feel free to share your pride with me or let me help you tackle your insecurities where I can. Fashion, for me, is about being the best possible version of yourself, expressing yourself and celebrating the beauty that comes with it.

wearing: body and coat by Wolford




  1. The Image bodysuit fits you very well. I actually just bought one for myself yesterday and had great assistance from my Wolford Boutique making sure it was a good fit. I thought about going a size smaller because of how the sleeves fit on me, however I have much broader shoulders than a woman and the sales associate was so kind, helpful and most of all non-judgmental.

    I love my local Wolford boutique and I have spent around $2,000 in the past three weeks. I wear a lot of their support pantyhose/tights due to my circulation probles from tumor surgeries. I have worn for so many years now that I just accept it and enjoy the comfort they bring. I got into bodysuits a few years ago for a couple reasons, but the biggest is tactile sensitivity and dermatillomania. I layer them with clothes in a masculine way which looks appropriate for me personally–I wear my long sleeve bodysuits to work just like the Image Body I wore today to the office with a sporty shortsleeve shirt. I don’t care they are made for women. They feel great, are superbly comfortable and I am very happy wearing these items. The Image Body is such a nice bodysuit and worth the high price tag. I absolutely love mine. You look better in yours since it is tailored for a womans body, but the women at the Wolford shop all said it fit me well and looked good on me when they had me try it on.

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