5 reasons to invest in designer vases

For as long as I can remember, “standard” things were none of my interest. I’ve always been looking for stand-out pieces, something different, be it subtle or completely over-the-top. That’s why, in vase picking, it came natural to me to end up falling in love with designer items.

I’ve got quite the little collection by now, so time to introduce you to my versatile friends!

Meet Aalto, the Iittala vase that has been around for 80 years now. This design by Alvar Aalto once won a design contest and is still a very big part of the Iittala signature. Not the easiest of shapes to work with, but so visually pleasing and rewarding when used in the most simple way. I love its shape more and more every day and the subtle sage green glass shade of this anniversary edition, which is a copy of the original design, perfectly complements every type of flower, greenery or branch you put in there. The best thing about the Aalto vase is that you only need to add a few flowers to make a big impression, great for budget if you love to splurge on design!

The “Vaso Di Culo” by Parra for Case Studyo has been my biggest vase investment so far, but no regrets there, it’s been worth every penny! This vase is so stylish, it doesn’t even need flowers and whatever you add to it will combine perfectly with it’s white and black curves and humor. An eye-catcher for any type of mantle piece or table situation. A design right up my ally!


César Manrique’s “Lady vase” is the latest addition to our collection. We found her on the island of Lanzarote, but more about that in another post. There’s little to no information to be found about this particular ceramics piece. It was designed somewhere between the 60’s and the 70’s I presume and embodies César’s eclectic, Spanish style in the perfect way. I love figurines in ceramics, they always add a story-telling and fun element to your weekly flower picking.

The Serax cactus vases had been on my list for quite some time before I found a place where I could buy all 3 sizes at once. I had to have the cactus field, just couldn’t do with one. And now they added an even bigger one to the collection! I love how the different heights create a sculpture wherever I put them. They must be the least used vases in my collection. Because they are already so beautiful on their own, there’s no need to add flowers, but you can if you feel like it! Also perfect for leftover flowers from a bigger bouquet, because you don’t need as many to make it look good.


Last but definitely not least is this Pago-Pago vase by Enzo Mari from 1969, a secondhand find. This was once the first design vase made out of plastic. The design is so beautiful and perfect, don’t get me started. It has this very elegant hight and dark green color. And the best part is that you can us it in two ways, it’s reversible. Turn it upside down if you want to have a bigger opening for a more fanning bouquet or use the smaller opening for a well curated bunch!


So now why should you invest in designer vases? Well here are a couple of very good reasons:

  • Designer vases look good with or without flowers. You can integrate them into your interior at any time. They are both practical object and sculptures, sometimes pieces of art. So no need to fill up your cupboards with empty vases, let them shine bright on your favorite shelf, sideboard, table or mantle piece.
  • When you invest in designer vases, you don’t have to go overboard on the flowers. Many designs will do with just a few well picked blooms or even with a more budget bouquet your creation will look like a million bucks in a designer vessel.
  • A well designed vase will challenge you to try new thing, new combinations. Not only in your interior endeavors, but also when it comes to picking out the right flowers. You could say they stimulate your creativity.
  • They add personality to your home and to me there’s nothing more important to a successful interior design.
  • A well crafted vase, taken care of with a lot of love, will last a lifetime. And if you choose well, you will never get tired of them. If your collection tends to get out of hand, you can always sell them on the secondhand market and they will not loose value, on the contrary. You will make someone feel like they found a treasure when you sell them a unique design.

So start looking out for those designs that fit your personal style and it’ll be more than worth your while to invest in designer vases.


A big thank you to Iittala for this lovely 80 years Aalto gift.

Flower arrangements by me.


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