A girl geek guide to fashion

More than once, I’ve felt like a bit of a girl geek. Not that I’m into computer language, gaming or anything like that, it’s more of a tech fashion/blogger related kind of thing. People even tend to ask me advice about these topics nowadays. About time to introduce you to 3 of my favorite daily fashionable tech gadgets:

Delvaux Brillant X-Ray: I know most of you, especially the guys, wouldn’t consider this a tech thing. Well believe me, the people of Delvaux have worked long and hard to develop a plastic that is both elegant, completely transparent, stitchable, firm but flexible and keeps it’s beauty over time. As fashionable as tech gets in my book.

Samsung Galaxy S5: I know most of you are hooked on your iPhone. I used to be one of those girls, but after years of Apple frustrations (dead battery, slow apps, crashes, button malefaction, too little memory, etc.) I got the chance to cross over to the Samsung side and after about a year now, I’m still a very happy customer. All my Apple problems above have been solved by the Android alternative and it wasn’t even that difficult to get used to this new operating system, which I dreaded. I like to question things and situations that make my life harder, even if they come with changing precious habits. Glad I tackled the phone issue like a pro!

Sony Alpha 5100 camera: As a blogger you come in a lot of places or situations where you feel the need to take beautiful pictures. Your phone will get you a long way, but what if you want to take your instagram feed to the next level without too much camera and computer hustle? I started dreaming of a compact camera, easy in use, phenomenal in quality. Michiel helped me find the perfect daily photo partner and after a thorough investigation of the compact cameras on the market, we fell for this little Sony friend. Interchangeable lenses, internal WiFi system (hello top notch insta pics in a split second!), remote and selfie functions (yes, I’m a sucker for that kind of extras), high quality videos etc. She’s in my purse, every day, being tiny, elegant and always available to capture the best moments. Maybe I should test the video function more elaborately…what do you guys think of some video diary trials?

Got any mouth watering and fashionable tech tips for me? Drop them in the comments below!




  1. Als die foto bij deze blogpost het bewijs is van uw nieuwe camera dan DAYUM! Ik zit met dezelfde phoneproblemen dus ik overweeg ook overstap naar Samsung als mijn 5 ooit de geest geeft, al ga ik denk ik wel voor een kleiner scherm; moet makkelijk in de hand liggen, dus ik veronderstel dan mini of alpha binnen het Samsung gamma..

    • Ga maar voor Alpha, die is prachtig 🙂 En ja onze nieuwe full frame is een pareltje! Girls talking tech, I like it! 😉


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