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Welcome to our world of wonder, of ordinary beauty, of extraordinary detail. A world we live in, together. We listed up a few subjects you’ll find on this webzine in our menu, but we don’t limit ourselves to a list of subjects in life, so we will not be doing that on Yayzine either. We are open to everything that surrounds us.

Who are “we” you’re probably wondering. Well, “Hi There!”, we’re Nathalie & Michiel, partners in every kind of crime, currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. Let us introduce ourselves to you:


On a professional and passionate level, I’m filling my days with all things fashion. Sounds superficial right? Well I’d like to prove you wrong. Fashion is an intrinsic part of life, it can bring beauty to the streets, to your closet, to your dreams, if you let it.
I have a particular preference for all things “animal”.
I feel at home in all kinds of forests, jungles and fields, but for practical purposes a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a palm plant will do the trick.
Former member of The Merrymakers.


He’s responsible for all you “see” on Yayzine. As a graphic designer and as a photographer. Unless stated otherwise.
He’s an artist.
A man of extraordinary detail. A perfectionist.
A heart of gold. Gold like a corgi’s fur.
A man of few words, that’s why Nathalie will be taking care of the text part here on Yayzine!

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