I dedicate this post to all the beautiful women that surround me, but one in particular, the one that introduced me to Yves Rocher. You know who you are! A true beauty in every way possible.
I’m at the end of my twenty-something years and I’ve always been quite lucky when it comes to my skin, making me nonchalant on the skincare front. Until a little while back, when I hadn’t slept very well or had a stressful day, I discovered some superficial lines on my face. It dawned on me: No more lazy oaf. Break out the moisturizers or you’ll dry up just like this onion!
But where to start? I didn’t want to go for the super cheap stuff, but definitely didn’t want to get hooked on way too expensive products, you’re supposed to do this for the rest of your life they say! I don’t have any allergies and I don’t have any ingredient knowledge, so I had too many products to choose from. Until this beautiful woman gave me the golden Yves Rocher tip: problem absolutely solved. My skincare favorites quickly got company of a few basic make-up products. A perfect beauty family.
Why I love Yves Rocher so much? Simple: their textures are light and effective, their perfumes subtle and their prices reasonable.
I feel a little more grown-up now. And when I discovered this sprouting onion in our kitchen just moments ago, I realized that even if your skin is all cracked and dry, true sustenance comes from within. There’s more to you than meets the eye. Growing old gracefully suddenly doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

From onion to sprout: Elixir 7.9 Youth Energy Care Youthful Glow PowderYouthful Glow Foundation Intense Kajal 100% Blue Indigo & Feuille d’Or – Youth Energy Eye Care Roll-On

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