Bedroom renovation: getting inspired!

Living together also means compromising and combining both your styles. Luckily, Michiel, my manfriend, trusts me and appreciates my crazy taste in his very own way. He prefers clean, simple but colorful, I like to go over the top, eclectic and exotic. Our home is a combo of those two.


Next on our to-do list is our bedroom. I’ve been working on it for a while now. Michiel gave me carte blanche on this one! I wanted to combine vintage Oriental items with a cozy, boho feel. The walls will be painted white, because we rent our apartment, so investing in expensive paint or wallpaper was to be avoided. I’ll have to create my eclectic vibe by adding the right deco elements! These are the items I’ve gathered over the last few months:


I love hunting for vintage items, using them as a starting point and then finishing things off with the perfect accents. For that I’ll be plundering IKEA! I’ve been a huge fan of their Stockholm collection for a while now, but didn’t find a way to ingrate those items into my interior yet. They’ll be the perfect finishing touch to my bedroom!

I know this looks like a little much to most people, but I’m confident it’ll create the cozy eclectic atmosphere I’m looking for in a bedroom. Will keep you posted on the final result! You can follow my bedroom adventures on my instagram or following the hashtag #IKEAxMERRYbedroom .

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