Brand story: Valentine Gauthier

Valentine Gauthier, my latest brand crush, has its roots in Paris, the city of historical fashion houses, the heart of traditional fashion and the seed of a new generation of young designers supported by a strong heritage. Valentine is one of them, bringing us the perfect mix of timeless elegance, youthful but ever graceful nonchalance… More


“LECHAPERONunlimited is all about authentic products, people and stories coming together. We present unique products of different makers in limited series. Each product is numbered, authentic, and only available via our platform. LECHAPERONunlimited introduces you to various makers through ‘portraits’. Makers who are already well established names within their field, while others are still emerging and very promising.” We can only applaud heartwarming… More

Classic American Style

Mister Tommy Hilfiger is the true embodiment of the American dream. From setting up his first shop with only 150$ in his pocket back in 1969, to becoming the iconic all-American brand in the 90’s. With fitness, health and all natural looks ruling our feeds these days, as apposed to the 70’s trend of course,… More

On the importance of the right accessories

How about Mansur Gavriel and Irina Gachechiladze? When shopping for accessories, it’s so easy to find exactly what you thought you needed, but not really. It’s a trap! It’s one of the most over-saturated markets, with bad buys all around. All the more reason to go looking for exactly the right accessories. Here’s a couple… More

I’ve got your back

Exposing your back feels like risky business. Far more confronting than wearing a deep neckline or a very short skirt, I think. You feel vulnerable and naked. But sometimes there’s no shame in showing that side of yourself. It’s also delicate and beautiful. This Wolford body exposes and covers at the same time, simultaneously stimulating… More


Komono just launched one of their best collabs to date, if you ask me! Baloji is never just but always more than one of the following things: a poet, a composer-lyricist/beatmaker, scriptwriter, actor and performer, video artist and stylist. Born in Congo, Baloji grew up in Belgium, bringing together the best of both worlds in… More

Ada Kokosar for & Other Stories

Oh how I love & Other Stories and their Co-Labs! So when I was casually scrolling through my instagram feed and discovered the @adakokosarstories account, it felt like discovering a secret treasure. Ada Kokosar, Italian stylist living in New York, created a universe of shapes, textures and minimal perfection, building her story around her own… More

H&M Studio AW15

Every time H&M launches another capsule collection or collab, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. You know you’ll get good value for your money, both style and quality wise. So when I got the chance to shoot some pieces from their H&M Studio AW15 collection shown in Paris this Spring, I enthusiastically paired… More


Yes, I’m one of those women who draws motivation out of a fashionable sports outfit. I plead guilty. So when the new Adidas Stellasport collection popped-up in my inbox, I had my sights set on some new gear. I must admit that the allover animal print was bold, even for me, but from the second… More

Pigeon perfect!

I’ve got this thing with animals. No shit Sherlock! And I’ve got this thing with my new Levi’s Lot 700 High Rise Skinny. I fill it up nicely and it’s just that damn comfortable. It’s my new daily staple. Grab, slide, button, add a simple T or a white shirt, go for sneakers or heels,… More


When they asked me to test a new flower delivery service in Antwerp, I was skeptical at first. I had an instant vision of dull bouquets of classic shapes and flowers. Until I took a better look at what Bloomon had to offer. Could it really be? Beautifully designed bouquets, affordable prices, delivered at your doorstep?… More

Chloé Georgia

A woman falls in love at least a couple of times a year. Over and over again: with the love of her life, that fabulous pair of shoes, that special coat and, oh yes, that one designer bag. My new life partner? The Chloé Georgia mini. Ever since I started working, I’ve been investing in… More

Swedish melancholy at its driest

Sometimes you just feel connected to a brand. I had been seeing Stutterheim raincoats all over the place. They intrigued me and I decided to take a closer look at the product and the brand story that comes with it. I stumbled upon their poetic tagline, “Swedish melancholy at its driest”, and immediately knew what… More

Yay discovery: Finery London

There’s nothing more exciting than discovering new brands and sharing them with you. Latest addition to my fashion list? Finery London. I call it the UK version of COS. Clean lines, simple and timeless designs, with that typical London twist and energy. Made for women who love to pay attention to the way they dress,… More


“IRIS”, the documentary I’ve been looking forward to for months now. Tonight I had the honor of watching it in the presence of Dries Van Noten himself and the people of MOMU, the fashion museum of Antwerp. Dries has made a selection of films for Cinema Zuid in Antwerp, “IRIS” being on top of his… More

The perfect heel

When it comes to shoes, the options are limitless, or so it seems. But once you tried on a really well-made shoe, you won’t want anything else in the world. That’s how I fell in love with the Dutch brand Fred de la Bretonière, by slipping my toes into a pair of their Goldies. Fred… More

My favorite style moment of the day

s.Oliver asked me about my favorite style moment of the day. Well that’s a no-brainer! For me, getting all dressed up in the morning, ready to start the day, is my ultimate style moment. I love giving my look that final touch before heading out the door, picture perfect. At least for an hour or two! I… More

The skirt!

On Thursday the 16th of April the new H&M Conscious Exclusive collection will hit selected H&M stores! Thinking about buying that mesmerizing skirt? I got the chance to test it for you on the streets of Antwerp. Honestly? I felt like a queen. There’s nothing more fruitful for your self-esteem and your elegance than wearing a… More