Chloé Georgia

A woman falls in love at least a couple of times a year. Over and over again: with the love of her life, that fabulous pair of shoes, that special coat and, oh yes, that one designer bag. My new life partner? The Chloé Georgia mini. Ever since I started working, I’ve been investing in a designer bag a year. And I have not regrets, they’re still all in my closet, waiting for their next moment to shine. I personally think bags are the best way to invest money into your closet. Shoes are nice, but you will destroy them if you wear them a lot, designer coats are just to ridiculously expensive, but bags you can carry with all the love in the world. I was still missing a smaller cross body bag in my collection, so I waited patiently for the right one to come along.

I simply adore the minimalist version of the horseshoe shape that’s so typical for Chloé. The calf toffee leather is about the softest I’ve ever come across in my life, which also makes it quite fragile for scratches, but that’ll only make the leather more beautiful and unique over time. The subtle golden hardware ads just enough chique to it’s beautiful shape. In the perfect chestnut cream color to stand the test of trends and time. We’re going to be very happy together, I can tell.

culottes chloé georgia-on-yayzine.com2

culottes chloé georgi-on-yayzine.com3

wearing: bag: Chloé Georgia mini / earrings: Marni / jumpsuit: Asos / shoes: Uterquë

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