Dark Night

“As the sun sets and dusk falls, the true allure of the Dark Night is brought to light. This limited edition version of the Tempête, revels in shadows, appearing both dark as night and transparent as air.
The most technologically advanced bag ever made by la maison Delvaux, it combines an iconic shape with ultra-modern textures, opacity with translucence and craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques. This ambiguity is echoed in its intensely dark Prussian blue colour, which seductively conceals as much as it reveals.
Exquisitely enigmatic, the Dark Night is the perfect accomplice for those who like to flirt with the dark side.”

I found this mysterious information in my inbox… My kind of poetry. Let’s cross over to the dark side with this limited edition Tempête by the house of Delvaux. Secrecy surrounds it, but I’m motivated to go and find out more for you guys over the weekend. I will update this post ASAP. Click on the image below to discover the Tempête Dark Night in a mysterious video:

UPDATE: The Tempête Dark Night costs 850€ and is available in Delvaux stores as from this week.

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-29 om 18.06.51


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