Build your bag to your own wishes and personality. Well that’s a concept I can relate to! So when I discovered DCEMBER Bags, Antwerp based designer brand by Florien Pénard, I couldn’t help but start dreaming about what my perfect DCEMBER bag would look like. The label is named after the designer’s birth month and fueled by her love for natural materials and patina.

Vegetal tanned leather, simple yet elegant designs and an open production process set in Italy, well that’s got to be worth the investment!

I would go for the Olive tote in Cammello tan, add an extra skinny flap in Agave green, closure strap and a short belt complementary to the base color and finish off with small wooden trim…

Sounds like a complicated recipe? Watch the video below or head over to their website and create your very own DCEMBER bag.





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