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I’m not your typical beauty girl. I love playing around with make-up, but when it comes to skincare, I’m the laziest hippo you’ll find in miles around. I must admit that I’m one very lucky woman when it comes to my skin: no problems what so ever. I seem to have the perfectly soft and hydrated skin everyone dreams about.

But as you might or might not know: I just turned 30. An age that gets you thinking about who you really are. I feel like I’m finally at peace with myself now and I’m ready for the decades to come. With this age comes the responsibility to take good care of myself. So when Belgian brand, Delbôve, invited me to come and discover their products, I was up for the challenge!


What convinced me the most about Delbôve that they might be the skincare brand for me is first of all that it is a Belgian brand (#ikkoopbelgisch for the win!), that it has been around for more than 50 years now and that it is based on the idea that the skin is an organ that is perfectly capable of taking care of itself, that the natural balance of the skin should be restored every day. Well I’m a rationalist and a bit of a science nerd, so that seemed kind of logic to me!

So how does it work? There are two products that form the base of your daily ritual: the Crème and Eau Sorcière. These two will get you a long way. They both clean your skin and restore your homeostasis all at once. Perfect for this lazy girl! So no more make-up remover, red eyes from rubbing or anything, a welcome rest for my big and sensitive eyes.

I’m not someone who calls things “a miracle” on a daily basis, but the results after one week of morning and evening routine are what you can call exceptional to say the least!
And because I’m kind of the perfect specimen when it comes to skin, I put things to the test and asked my boyfriend to tag along on this Delbôve experiment. His skin is much more sensitive, he normally has a lot of blackheads but they have started to disappear over night, the dark circles under both our eyes are starting to fade and even this little red vascular spot on the side of his nose that has been there forever is starting to clear up. So let’s not call it a miracle, but let’s start by saying it’s a damn good skincare routine! If I’m honest, this lazy oaf is even starting to look forward to her Delbôve routine at night and in the morning… Mission accomplished!

Do they have other magical product you say? Well yes of course they do! When visiting their brand new Antwerp store, we all got a skin analysis by madame Bernadette to prescribe us the perfect product combo.

Of course madame Bernadette confirmed what I already knew: perfect skin. The basic routine combined with a light anti-aging day cream and a treatment of the eye area will do. Lucky me! So I’ve been adding both product to my routine and from what I can tell as a beauty noob the day cream, Ephémérides, is the perfect base coat for my daily make-up and I don’t even have to put on as much as I used to, because my complexion is much smoother now. And the eye cream, Contour Des Yeux, is my ultimate favorite, because the bags under my eyes are… disappearing!

The last product I took home with me that day is the Delbôve oil, Huile Intense. Not because madame Bernadette prescribed it to me, but because I’m quite the busty girl and I have a long neck. I want this area of my body to stay as elegant as possible. A few drops of this oil, massaged into the skin will do. Now let’s hope for another miracle! Will talk to you in about 10 years.


On a practical note: Delbôve has stores in Brussels and Antwerp, but also has a webshop. You’ll soon discover there’s a price to pay for all this magic, but for me it’s worth every penny. The concentrations of natural and biological ingredients in the Delbôve products are way above average, that comes with a higher price of course.

And the final perk of buying Delbôve? Their branding is to die for! It’ll upgrade your bathroom in no time! Everything from packaging over logo and interior design was created by the talented Christophe Remy.

Thank you team Delbôve for introducing me into your world. I think I’ll stick around for a little while longer if that’s ok.

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