Dreams are made of lace

When you are a woman of a certain “curvatude”, finding a bra that fits your small back and generous breasts AND that fits your young and style savvy attitude, is doomed to become the quest of a lifetime. I’m always desperately looking for that one sexy bra, that will fit my body and my mind. And I’m not even talking about the type of functional garment that gives you the support you need, because the combination of all those elements seems like the rarest of diamonds.

When I discovered this gorgeous wireless lace bra by Wolford, I was pondering… Should I? Could I? Would I? I picked up my courage, stepped into a Wolford store and put things to the test, prepared for yet another disappointment. Great was my surprise and joy to discover that it fit! My breasts were inside, nothing was spilling over or under and it even looked damn hot! Lingerie jackpot! On to the next one.

I paired it with their beautiful high-waist culottes. The lace is magnificent. Can I run or play around and have everything stay in place? Of course not. One step at a time. I feel damn sexy in this ensemble and sometimes that is enough.

For this shoot I paired the lingerie with my new Lois jeans. Another rare example of garment that never fails to disappoint when it comes to a perfect fit. Until this figure hugging mom jeans came into my life. My Swarovski evil eye necklace is still watching over me and my difficult to dress body.

If you have that golden lingerie tip for big breasted women with small backs and a love for style, please hit me up! I’ll keep you posted on my part of the story…

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