G.KERO, when art meets fashion

I’ve always had a weak spot for the classic white shirt. Preferably closed all the way to the top and with a statement collar, nothing crazy, just right in size and cut. There are thousands of white shirts out there, but you can really feel it when the designer has put love and effort into working out the patterns. But I wouldn’t be me if, when I get the chance, I wouldn’t go that extra mile, even on a white shirt. A classic with a personal twist, let’s say. So when I bumped into G.Kero, loved by the stars, made for the lovers of all things graphic, it felt like coming home.

G.Kero is the alias for Marguerite Bartherotte, a French graphic artist who paints shirts for a living. She was looking for a fresh way to distribute her art. She turned away from the classic gallery canvases and decided to turn fashion into art from now on. Although Marguerite is a French born girl who has seen the world, she enjoyed her education in Belgium at the art school of La Cambre, so I can’t help but to feel a little proud as a Belgian when looking at her brand.

Why you should buy a G.Kero piece? 

They are limited edition and numbered, so you’ll never feel like everyone else has the same piece you do.

Her prints are full of humor and are real pieces of art, no commercial compromise.

The cut and fabric of her pieces are of the highest quality.

A G.Kero shirt can be worn both dressed up and down for any type of occasion, being the perfect conversation starter when people discover the print in all its details.

Because a white shirt is fabulous, but a G.Kero one is just much better!




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