Gift guide: the evil eye

Everyone knows the symbol of the evil eye, you might have encountered it on one of your Eastern vacation destinations, seen them around in any kind of random place, gotten them as a souvenir or come across this edition by Miranda Kerr for Swarovski.

It’s the age old symbol of the evil eye. Doesn’t sound very pleasant now does it? Well the world is full of evil and by carrying this talisman around, it’ll protect you from all the evil eyes in the world that are trying to do you harm. Just about the perfect Christmas gift for someone that believes a bit too much in the good in people, although I’ve been losing my faith a bit recently, all the more reason to wear the evil eye, I guess. On top of that, my own eyes are an open book, so I was in need of some protection to counter all that bambi like honesty.

As a kid, I used to be a big fan of talismans, I kind of lost my faith along the way. But now that I have these subtle but distinct pieces to wear on an every day basis, I feel an old habit kicking in. Call it naive or whatever you will, I like believing in the mental power these tiny objects might provide you with. It’s all in the mind after all, but the mind needs an extra boost from time to time.
I wish you all strength and protection this holiday season.


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