Hide & Seek

I like to change things up. I’m restless. I love things “fresh, exciting” or reinvented. But how do you apply these rules without over-consuming. I’m at that age where you can’t spend your money on the cheap shit anymore, you want to built up your wardrobe for life and come to a point where the only things you want to toss are the pieces you’ve worn out, holes and all.

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve! Layering being one of them. Giving your old friends a fresh twist, by playing hide and seek with difference lengths and materials. The fashion world seems to agree with me; be it in playing with sheer fabrics, volumes, raising hemlines or adding maxi splits into designs where there were non before. Add some interesting and contemporary color combo’s or keep it simple, the possibilities are endless! New silhouettes are just around the corner.


It looks like this trend is here to stay, thus an economical decision to integrate it into your wardrobe! Wear the layering trend all the way to next winter, like we’ve seen in the FW15 collections of Nanushka, H&M Studio, Paper London and Stills:



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