How to: add a dash of pink to your home

There’s no color more schizophrenic than pink. Hated by many, secretly loved by more. What is it that makes us a bit ashamed when admitting our love for pink? I’ve never tried to hide it. It’s not abundantly present in my wardrobe or home, but every now and then I love to make a pink statement or use it as an accent of happiness. Because that’s what pink is all about for me: light and joy.

Lately I’ve been tempted to add more and more pink hues to my home. Something I rarely consider doing ever since I painted my whole bedroom powder pink back in 1996. And oddly enough, I now associate adding pink with the maturing of my style. I’m bold, I’m brave, I’m using pink in a grown-up way!

pink 2

When you start considering your options, you’ll quickly find that there are limitless ways and hues of pink to integrate into your home. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Paint one or more walls pink. During the day, this creates a different kind of freshness in a room, during the night it is the most cozy of hues!
  • Pink combines surprisingly well with a lot of other colors. My favorites: other red hues, types of green and gold of course!
  • Pink sofas and chairs are the stuff of dreams! The best versions come in velvet fabrics.
  • Be it more peachy or powdery, pink has a surprising way of giving your bathroom that extra spark! Inside your sink, as a shower curtain or on your walls, taking a bath will transport you into a cotton candy dream.
  • Use pink energy to shine some well deserved light on your outside space. Pink garden or terrace for the win!
  • Not that brave yet? Want to test if pink is really your style? Accessorize! Try pink flowers, a beautiful artwork integrating pink, a vase, cushions or other textiles.

You can find all these lovely pictures and more on my Pinterest!

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