How to: the New Maximalism

A breath of fresh air, that’s what I would call the Renaissance of Renaissance, the New Maximalism. “What do you mean?” Gucci has opened up Pandora’s box of fashion and is letting out all the glitters and gold, all at once, in a way that speaks to people. After a strong wave of minimalism, a colorful soul like me feels overjoyed.

The Italians have always been strong at the maximizing game, be it in every aspect of life. Bold, over-the-top and sometimes downright tacky. That’s what I love about their Renaissance style, it’s abundant and joyful, it gives you the right to make your own style “mistakes”.

But how to engage in this “new” style with all that minimal stuff in your closet? How do you play this game of not-too-much, but just-enough? I’ve been an avid over-dresser all my life, but I’ve learned to make it my own on a daily basis. The trick? Keep things simple. Start your outfit with a stand-out piece and build around that. Feeling bold? Combine several of your favorite eclectic pieces, but adding just one colorful item will mostly do.
“Why would I try this? What’s so special about maximalism?” Never heard of a woman called Iris Apfel? Look her up! Never heard any of her quotes? Well look them up! Dressing colorfully will make the world a more beautiful place, it will give you individualism, a way to express yourself and it will give others many reasons to marvel over all the beautiful details fashion has to offer. It’s a way of escaping the dullness of life, like fashion was intended to do in the first place.

Let’s keep this up shall we, and whatever you do, don’t try to find a system or a look, because that will turn it into “just another trend” again. Finally let go and wear whatever you want. Look like you for a change.

New Maximalism 2

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