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Tenue De Ville wallpaper on

Tenue De Ville wallpaper on

Tenue De Ville wallpaper on

When I wrote this post back in May, I never thought I’d be covering my walls a few months later. But when I got the chance to get my hands on my favorite Tenue de Ville tropical wallpaper, there was no question about it: I’d have to become a master in wallpaper hanging in a few weeks time. So Michiel and I rolled up our sleeves and started the most difficult home project we took on so far. We decided to decorate our hallway as a center piece for our home. In retrospect, not the easiest choice of walls, but after a lot of blood, sweat and tears we are very happy with the result. Here are a few of my personal tips on wallpaper:

Red flag: If you are not very secure or handy, or patient for that matter, don’t even get started on a  project like this. This is a work of precision and mathematics. In our case, we were working with a patterned paper, which brings an extra challenge to the table: matching the designs.

Never alone: If you embark on a wallpaper adventure, never go at it alone. Two pairs of hands are crucial and two brains overthinking the practical side are not a superfluous thing. We turned out to be a great team: when one would tend to give up, the other was there to keep the faith and the other way around. Talking about a relationship test! I think we’re good for futures challenges after this one.

Straight: Never ever expect your walls or doors to be straight. So when you put on your first strip, always create a perfect vertical line using a plumb. You can easily make one yourself by tying a small, but heavy object to a long, fine rope. Gravity will never fail you when it comes to getting things straight.

Sticky situation: To apply modern wallpaper, you no longer put the paste onto the paper, but you do it the other way around. Cover your walls in wallpaper paste and don’t be sparing. Walls tend to suck up the paste and when you reach the bottom of your wallpaper panel, the paste might have dried up too much. So give your walls a nice thick layer of paste before mounting your paper strip by strip. Always make sure to cover a wider piece of wall than the width of the strip of wallpaper, so the edged will be glued on well. Don’t freak out if you have made a mistake, you always have a small amount of time to carefully pull your paper off and put it back on the right way. The paste doesn’t stain, but do try not to mess around with it on your beautiful wallpaper. If you have generously applied paste to your wall, some wet spots may appear on your paper after mounting it, don’t worry, these will dry up afterwards.

Obstacles: I’m talking about doorways, windows and yes radiators or other obstacles interrupting an otherwise easy and beautiful piece of wall. We really hit the jackpot there with two doorways and an old, undetachable radiator in one wall. We really didn’t think this through, but we got lucky. It’s different in every situation, so look up everything there is to know about these things before you start covering your walls. And if in anyway possible, do yourself a favor and pick that easy smooth wall instead. I’m here if you need some made to measure advice in the comments below!

No more white on white: I’m really happy we picked a striking design. I know everyone’s into the whole white wall thing, but when you see how wallpapers like these can bring warmth and depth into your living space, they are absolutely worth the investment. Go for it! I hope this inspires you to take your interior to the next level.


  1. Ik vind dit ZO MOOI! Echt, kan ernaar blijven kijken! Ik wil ook heel graag een muurtje behangen, maar ik ben er vrij zeker van dat ik keihard ga falen.. Misschien team Yay inroepen voor hulp 😉


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