In the realm of dreams… by Delvaux

Delvaux and René Magritte, a surreal combination, but a match made in heaven nonetheless. You might have been dreaming about the Brillant L’Humour, quoting “Ceci n’est pas un Delvaux”, for a while now, just like me. It’s like the best of Belgian art and craftsmanship rolled into one. My absolute number one bag. Something to be proud of, something quite extraordinary. The people of Delvaux must have had the same thought and carefully created a sequel to their successful Magritte chapter. This Fall they launched their new Magritte collection, all based upon his surreal representation of the perfect cloudy sky and iconic shapes like the top hat and the apple.

What do Delvaux and Magritte have in common? Besides being Belgian in origin, they both represent a certain love for perfection, realistic yet surprising details and creating a surreal fascination with the people they touch. Up until recently it seamed quite surreal that I would be laying my hands on this bag and I felt quite honored and humble while doing so. My respect for Delvaux’s craftsmanship only grew when I discovered every single detail: from the fully detailed and clouded calf skin lining to the relief stitching on the wallet. You can even make the choice of wearing your Delvaux in a classic incognito way, keeping your head in the clouds inside your bag or to go for the unmistakable Magritte look by applying the calf skin cloud scarf around the handle.

Being able to combine style, humor and quality like that, still puts Delvaux on top of my luxury bag list. Buying a Delvaux is like buying a piece of wearable art, talking about a perfect match.

Want to know more about Delvaux? Read all about our atelier visit right here and here.

wearing: Delvaux Tempête GM Dans les nuages // dress: Nanushka SS16 // shoes: Fred De La Bretonière at Monar // hat: H&M // lipstick: La Somptueuse by Chanel





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