I’ve got your back

Exposing your back feels like risky business. Far more confronting than wearing a deep neckline or a very short skirt, I think. You feel vulnerable and naked. But sometimes there’s no shame in showing that side of yourself. It’s also delicate and beautiful.
This Wolford body exposes and covers at the same time, simultaneously stimulating your senses in an unexpected way when the wind blows through the delicate mesh fabric on your back, a place you normally always try to cover-up. It helps you feel and look at things differently and made me realize there’s always an alternate point of view to everything. Just, every now and then, stop and think about stuff in a 360° way, it’ll open your mind.

It’s almost forbidden to admit that you’re sensative in this day and age. That sometimes this world has got you on your knees, or your back for that matter. Well I think it’s time we start judging a little less and try to have each other’s backs more often from time to time, so we’d start to feel safe to expose our back, when we need it the most.


Wearing: body: Wolford // culottes: 3Suisses // Sunglasses: River Island // heels: Zign at Zalando

Wolford Body Image body on yayzine.com 03

Wolford Body Image body on yayzine.com 02

Wolford Body Image body on yayzine.com 04


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