LECHAPERONunlimited is all about authentic products, people and stories coming together. We present unique products of different makers in limited series. Each product is numbered, authentic, and only available via our platform. LECHAPERONunlimited introduces you to various makers through ‘portraits’. Makers who are already well established names within their field, while others are still emerging and very promising.”

We can only applaud heartwarming initiatives like this one from Vicky & Mattias. We see concepts like these arise in times of need, need for a different way of shopping, a different way of discovering new brands. Timeless but limited, special non the less, with a focus on the story of the maker. Giving a face to product is essential in this day and age. We’ve had enough of anonymous products, we want transparency and we long for craftsmanship once more. Being more and more willing to pay the price for it once again.
My favorite pieces in their first product selection? The limited edition Lore Van Keer necklace and the simple but perfect coffee cup by Margot Thyssen. I’m looking forward to discover the new makers and products to come.
Don’t forget to read the stories behind the brands, to get to know the makers. And if you might be starting to think about that one unique Christmas gift for that special person, I think LECHAPERONunlimited just might be the place for that.


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