Levi’s 501 CT

I have a thing for heritage brands. They bring so much to the table and are able to engage with their clients on a whole other level. Levi’s is one of those brands. They’ve been making the perfect jeans since 1853, the classic 501 being one of their most bought, sought after and customized iconic styles for over 140 years now. And what’s the best thing to do when something works so well? Listen to the people wearing it, asking them why they love it and taking that journey with them. The 501 has been customized by and for clients in countless ways, but a few alterations kept showing up again and again. It was time to give the people what they were asking for, a new version of the classic: the Levi’s 501 CT.

The 501 was actually originally a men’s style, so the form isn’t adjusted to the female and/or contemporary fit. Although we love a good vintage look, the altered waistline of the new Levi’s 501 Customized and Tapered gives your curves the attention they deserve! Add the new tapered leg and your favorite washing… And “Bye, Bye” skinny jeans, you’re no longer my favorite denim friend.

The coolest part? You can wear the Levi’s 501 CT in 3 sizes: go for skin hugging, like I’m wearing it (good for your self-esteem buying a size smaller than you’re used to!), true to size for a more comfortable fit or oversized for that baggy/boyfriend effect. Oh and speaking of boyfriends: they made a male version of the Levi’s 501 CT as well! So don’t worry, your favorite couple dressing item just got a new dimension!

Paring it here with the ultimate white minimal top from Magdalena, found it over at Lily And The Lady, my favorite Belgian webshop. Trying out the half bun in combination with the MAC x Nasty Gal Stunner matte lipstick. And adding a little lift to my 501 CT-hugged tush with these killer snake heels by Fred De La Bretonière. More about this awesome Dutch shoe brand, another heritage brand, later on.




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