My new bedroom: the grand tour!

I welcome you into my home, my heart, my nest. I already lifted a little corner of the veil in my previous bedroom post and now I’m ready to give you the grand tour!
This room is the embodiment of me. A little crazy and chaotic, but cozy and filled with light and love. I started out with the walk-in closet, until it was ready to be used, but I decided to finish the room first, for less selfish reasons. So more on my walk-in in the future!

My bedroom turned out the be a combination of old and new. My boyfriend works in a secondhand furniture store, that makes me a very lucky girl. And when I had something in mind, he’d keep his eyes open for my dream pieces or surprised me with some unexpected additions. His way of supporting me in my crazy bedroom plans.
I kind of fell head over heels for the oriental elements, they add something exotic and warm. The IKEA Stockholm collection on the other hand was the perfect addition for a perfect clash of styles. I dressed my bedroom like I’ve always dressed myself: with passion, quirky details and a sense of humor and extravaganza.

So one day, I put all together. We have lived in this room ever since. Our hideout for the big bad world. Onto the living room! Let’s expand our horizons.

Like to see more of my apartment? Drop me a word in the comments below!


Schermafbeelding 2015-01-29 om 22.34.45

Artwork: Michiel Pelerents
Bourgie lamp: Kartell
Hanglamp: Tom Dixon
Flowers: Baltimore
Monstera deliciosa plant: Van Uytsel
Kimono: Gottex
Homewear: Pluto On The Moon

Peacock chair, room divider, closet, eagle lamp, oriental night table, big vase: vintage
Vases, carpet, bedding+bed, sheep skin, round boxes, round mirror, night table, wall hanger: IKEA


  1. If this was a ‘guess the bedroom’-game of some sorts, I would end up matching this one with you. Of course, I only ‘know’ you online, but from what I’ve seen on your previous blog and social media, this bedroom is really ‘you’.
    It suits you perfect and I love every detail, though I don’t see myself in it. But hey, that’s ok, isn’t it? After all, a bedroom is a very personal space.

    And yes, I would love to see some other parts of your apartment. I’m curious like that. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly!

    It’s about time we meet in real life, right? 🙂 If you ever see me goofing around at an event, please come and say “hi”!
    I love how you recognize me in this bedroom, that was completely the point! I’ll make sure to show you some more home details in future posts!


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