Neubau eyewear to the test!

Yes, I’m an accessory girl! Especially when it comes to accessorizing the head. I’ve been blessed with what they call “an accessory head”. Whatever I put on there, turns out to look kind of great, even if it’s weird, on my head somehow things seem to work out.
I’m also a ferm believer in karma, so having this incredible skill has resulted in my pretty horrible eyesight to keep the universe in balance. And I’m an optimist as well, so I’ve turned this medical challenge into accessory gold by searching for that perfect pair of unique glasses time and time again.
So when I heard about this new brand, Neubau Eyewear, named after the coolest neighborhood in all of Vienna, styled for the Millennial, I had to put them to the test!

I picked my favorite styles for this shoot and felt like a kid in a candy store when trying them on! All my favorite metal colors were there: copper, gold and silver in shiny or matte finish; accompanied by some fabulous plastic editions!
Turns out I’m a bit of a schizophrenic when it comes to glasses and I decided to link them to the different sides of my personality: meet Fashion me, Diva me, Nerdy me, Artsy me and Classic me. I had the hardest time picking a favorite, so I ended up picking the least classic option to my opinion: model Paul in Matte Gold! “Fashion me” it is! I haven’t received the finished version yet, but I’m looking forward to add these glasses to my growing collection.
Because let’s face it, that time you spent a lifetime wearing one pair is long gone! Glasses are one of the most personal and defining accessories out there, ask Iris Apfel she knows best, and Neubau Eyewear has understood this very well: wearable, timeless, stylish but not too crazy, options abundant to upgrade your daily look! And now I have this sudden urge to visit Vienna…





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