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Me, being a bit of a lazy oaf on the beauty front ain’t nothing new. ‘#blessed’ with what people call perfect skin, I don’t see the point in over-investing in beauty or make-up products. I have my Delbôve ritual and I’m perfectly fine with that and if I skip a day, no one will notice, so it’s more of a personal treat than anything else.
Well beauty as a personal treat, that’s worth investing in for me! So when I discovered that Kim Maes, Belgian hair and make-up artist, started her own beauty webshop, I knew I’d fall in love. At Blos you will find her personal curated selection of beauty products, with the emphasis on natural ingredients and a certain luxury to it all. Oh, and it’s by no means a coincidence that both the website and the products are a sigh for sore eyes. But I expected nothing less from an elegant woman like Kim. I quickly placed my first order and send a Q&A list along to pick Kim’s brain about Blos:


Your tagline says “Uncommon Beauty”. What is so uncommon about the beauty products you offer at Blos? Why do they make the uncommon selection?
I think the selection of the products is uncommon. I tested every product myself and I will only sell it when I really think it does what it promises! I like my products to be beautiful inside and out. The most important thing is that the brands I’m working with are very transparant about their ingredients. So my client can choose for herself what she puts on her face.

You’re a hair and makeup artist. What’s the most important beauty lesson you’ve learned over the years?
First skincare, next make-up. Make-up looks so much better on a beautiful nourished skin. And with a beautiful skin, I don’t mean young skin. I like skins of all ages. If you know what to use and you use it well, you don’t need that much makeup at all….

This is your currated collection of beauty products. But which of them is your personal favorite at this moment? What’s the first product on your shelf and why?
I love bathing especcialy when the days become shorter. So I think I’d probably choose Susanne Kaufmann’s Oil Bath for the Senses. It relaxes me and nourishes my skin. I don’t even have to put on some bodylotion after bathing with her oils.

Who is the Blos woman? Who do you want to reach with your offering?
The Blos woman is curious, open-minded and intelligent. She wants to shop her beauty consciously, but without being too extreme.


If you had to convince people with only one product, what would be the first one you’d recommend and why?
I would probably recommend a moisturizing or firming mask. Because it only takes 10 minutes to see what good products can do for you.

Where did your fascination with all things beauty start? Do you remember?
I guess I always had an eye for beauty. The shining little bottles already fascinated me when I was very young. When I was a child I really loved seeing my mother put on her make-up. Skincare became more and more important to me over the last years, when I saw what the right product could do for somebody’s face.

Would you be so kind to share some of your own beauty rituals with us?
I think my beauty rituals are pretty standard. I always always always take off my makeup before going to sleep. I like the feeling of water on my face so I use a cleansing gel and I choose my products depending on the season. I also use an enzym peeling followed by a mask twice a week.

What can we expect in the future from Blos? How will the offering evolve?
I can’t predict the future but I really want Blos to evolve slowly. I really want to believe that in 5 years I sell the 40 best brands in the world and still write the personal note for my clients myself.


My personal order: Susanne Kaufmann Pillow Spray calming // Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses // Rahua Shampoo // Soap Stone Turquoise

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