‘ODE’ by Tenue de Ville

The second wallpaper collection by Brussels based designer label, Tenue de Ville, is called ‘ODE’. It’s a poetic ode to the beauty of nature, too often lost in a city context. So let’s bring a piece of nature back into our homes with one of these digitally printed, but hand-painted fresco wallpapers by Alexia de Ville. I’m a big fan of the¬†trompe l’oeil effect integrating architectural elements into blank walls. And for those among you that can’t keep a plant alive if your life depended on it, this is the perfect solution. Let’s add some romance to this concreet jungle shall we!

We’ll be sharing the result of our own Tenue de Ville wallpaper project with you soon.

Tenue de Ville wallpaper on yayzine.com 2


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