On the importance of the right accessories

How about Mansur Gavriel and Irina Gachechiladze?

When shopping for accessories, it’s so easy to find exactly what you thought you needed, but not really. It’s a trap! It’s one of the most over-saturated markets, with bad buys all around. All the more reason to go looking for exactly the right accessories. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

Timeless, but never dull
Full of personality

You most likely won’t find all the above on the high street. Go look for the right upcoming brand or go for the piece that still gets your heart going season after season, motivating you to save up for it. And the best part about the right accessories? They’ll last a lifetime!
On my list for a while now: the Lady Bag by Mansur Gavriel and the Arrow Earrings by Irina Gachechiladze.
Irina is a Georgian jewelry designer, making statement pieces with a clean and peculiar look, sounds like something I would buy! And though Mansur Gavriel sounds like it comes from this small exotic unknown village made by hand, these bags are waiting list material, designed in LA by a couple of friends. Crazy thing that fashion world! And much more interesting than easy shopping. How did I find them? Through Instagram actually! I keep on bumping into the most beautiful stuff.

So why are the right accessories so important? People will recognize and remember you for it! They become part of your personality. And the way you endlessly combine them, that’ll be your handwriting, your signature style.

Is your bank account not ready to invest into your personal stash of ‘thingamabobs’? Stay on the lookout for those rare high street brands that understand the importance of the right accessories. Take Üterque for example, they’ll always surprise me with their original take on the finishing touch of your outfit. Or search for forgotten treasures in secondhand shops or websites, no greater feeling in the world than finding that one piece no one else has.
Just buying random cheap accessories doesn’t sound like such a great idea anymore? Then you understand the importance of the right accessories.



  1. Ik zit ook al een jaar of twee met een Mansur Gavriel in mijn kop maar die nieuwe collectie heeft mij inderdaad over de streep getrokken. Dat wordt mijn volgende tas! Ik ben altijd ‘bang’ om zo’n investeringen te doen omdat ik vrees dat bepaalde items hun waarde verliezen omdat ze een te grote hype worden of net omdat de kwaliteit in het echt serieus tegenvalt. Heb geleerd te vertrouwen op de ervaringen van anderen en misschien voortaan ook wat meer op mijn eigen smaak… als MG jouw goedkeuring wegdraagt zal ik wel juist zitten 😉

    • Ik heb ze nog niet in het echt gezien, maar aangezien ze zelf vaak over het bewaken van hun kwaliteit praten door niet te gaan over produceren, heb ik er wel vertrouwen in. Hun waarde verliezen is in dit geval ook niet echt een issue aangezien dit heel tijdloos is van design, heel eenvoudig. De price setting lijkt me ook redelijk juist, nu nog 😉 Go for it!

  2. Been trying to get my hands on a MG bucket bag for a while now, but it seems just impossible – only way I found is second hand through Vestiairecollective, but they’re so wanted that they end up being a few hundred euros more expensive there, which is ridiculous. :'(

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