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Pillow talk!

For me, a home ain’t no home without my beloved Vanna (Vaansie for friends), the black and white ball of fluff in the pictures above. The only downside to a dog? Most dog pillows aren’t that stylish… at all! So when I found out that Belgian brand, P-LO, is doing bespoke work on all things cushions and carpets, I was happy to give Lien and Tom a call.

They came over to my home, to get a closer look at the atmosphere and to show us their summer fabrics and existing collection. We instantly fell in love with the micro-flamingo print and pastel blue as a combo for Vaansie’s new favorite place in the house. The pillow would be on the ground and we wanted it to be beautiful, but also to blend in with our Herringbone parquet floor.
Vanna carefully inspected the pillows from the existing collection and convinced us to go for a complementary set for our sofa. We had been looking for beautiful and affordable pillows for a while now, perfect timing I would say! Lien was there to help us make the right choice and told us about her fabric designs and how they only use local fabrics and materials for all things P-LO. I’m a firm believer in supporting local businesses, so we ordered our whole set of pillows, made-to-measure dog pillow included!

Only 3 weeks later, Lien dropped of the final result. We’re very happy with both Vanna’s pillow as the new additions to our sofa. The pillows have a beautiful color, even the finest prints are carefully detailed and the fabrics are fine, delicate, but strong. Ever since we put Vaansie’s pillow on the floor, she fell in love, she even hardly bothers to get up when I get home nowadays! The perfect investment for our home.

A big ‘thank you’ to Lien and Tom for introducing us to your wonderful work at P-LO!

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