With the fashion PR season is in full force, I was in need of a little break! And you know us girls, there’s only a few ways to truly relax and going to a spa is always on top of our list. I’m also kind of picky when it comes to selecting the right location: It has to be a private sauna, I don’t need strangers around when trying to forget about the world; not too far away from home, as I don’t have a lot of time to spend; it has to be clean, hygiene above all; and you truly win me over with a culinary treat on top of all the other surprises.
I scrolled through the Antwerp options in the list and sauna Ambiente seemed to tick all the boxes. Yay! After a long day at the office, my colleague Sayrade and I set off on our little trip to the suburbs. on 8 on on 5

We were warmly welcomed in this cute private chalet including a classic sauna, infrared sauna, steam cabin and outside heated pool and jacuzzi. We switched into our bathrobes and not much later got treated to a diverse and delicious plate of warm and cold tapas with a bottle of sparkling wine to set the mood. Sayrade and I were already quite relaxed after our culinary treat and decided to give the different types of sauna a go. I’m used to a classic sauna, but I must admit the infrared version is a good alternative for me, less heavy on your breathing and less stuffy. In the shower we treated our skin to some scrub salt and headed outside for part two. Oh, did I mention this is about the cleanest spa I’ve ever been to? A+ on that one! on 6 on 2 on 10

We were in no luck with the weather that day, so we were happy to let ourselves glide into the hot bubbly water of the jacuzzi. The garden was beautifully maintained with just the right amount of light. The showstopper? The color changing heated pool. Unfortunately Sayrade and I were not prepared for the outside temperatures that night, so we didn’t bare the cold for too long, heated or not. Next time we’ll be visiting, it’ll probably be in summer, to fully enjoy the outside space. And we might come over to try the lovely breakfast formula next time. The only downside? Two hours is way too short, time flies when you’re relaxing.

Practical info: We found this arrangement via The perfect site to discover all the options and conditions you personally prefer. The best part? They offer discounts and actions on a regular basis, so no more excuses for not relaxing from time to time.

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