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It was that time of year again. Time to escape it all. Recharge our batteries. Time to go back to the island.
Ibiza, to most people, is still the walhalla of parties, decadence and booze, but we came to love a whole other side of the island. Which sounds quite funny as Ibiza is about as big as your backyard, but true non the less. You can perfectly avoid the party scene if you want, to enjoy the wonders of rural Ibiza.

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PLANNING TIP: When looking for a place to stay, look to the North of the island. Plan way in advance so you’ll have the best options open on Airbnb. Keep in mind that Ibiza isn’t a cheap place to stay, if the price looks to good to be true, it probably is. You don’t want to end up in some tacky hotel. Renting a room or entire villa including inspirational piece of “campo” is the thing to look for. Don’t focus on renting right at the sea shores, the centre of the island is just as beautiful and the beach is always nearby, wherever you are.

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What makes Ibiza so special when looking for a relaxing place to stay? It has our golden 3: sun, good food and beautiful nature.
We are the type of people that love to go on a hike when it’s cloudy and the temperatures are just right. Ibiza has a lot of hidden gems to offer to hiking enthusiasts. Make sure to bring proper hiking boots if you want to reach the best of the hidden beaches, watch towers or hill peaks. It’s easy to get lost between the aromatic pine trees and rosemary bushes so we’d advise you to use a map or hiking book, you can find some free trail descriptions to secret beaches over at the Ibiza Walking Association.

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We discovered the breathtaking hidden bays of Es Portitxol and Cala Jonc, and revisited the highest lighthouse of the Balearic islands at Punta Moscarter, Portinatx.

Feel like you’ve done enough hiking? It’s time to soak up the sun at the variety of beaches around the island. Our favorite happens to be on the “Best Beaches of Europe”-list by The Guardian: Cala d’en Serra is like heaven on earth. Once destined to host a brand new hotel that never got finished, the ruins are still there, this little beach dodge the bullet of tourism sweeping in. The only thing people go down the rough road for is the clear blue waters and Remy’s beach bar with its cocktails and homemade burgers. You can even occasionally watch people swim on horses, yes you heard that right! Time stops when you’re at Cala d’en Serra. All you could wish for in a beach.

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YAY TIP: The best time to drive around the island, yes renting a car is advisable, is right before sunset when the last day light turns all the fields into pure gold and brings out the deep red color in the soil. Listen to the crickets and soak it all up…

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Well how about the towns? Ibiza city, the old town that is, is just perfect to get lost in. Follow every small street you can find between the white buildings with sky blue details and an abundance of flowers, audacious dogs and lazy cats.
Our hometown for the week, San Carles, houses one of the two weekly hippie markets (on Saturdays in San Carles) on the island and hides a few cozy shops selling fashionable white cotton and linen items, made on the island. I found a genuine Panama hat there, the perfect summer companion.
Go down to Punta Arabica at Es Canar for the hippie market on Wednesdays and take your time afterwards to have a pizza at the hippie beach bar and take a stroll along the coastal path all the way to Santa Eularia. Concerning both hippie markets: make sure to pay one of them a visit to witness the atmosphere and the colorful mix of tourists, but avoid buying overprized unauthentic souvenirs.

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FOOD TIPS: Go and look them up and don’t forget to order some “pan con aioli”! La Paloma in Sant Lorenz / Restaurant On The Beach in Calla Sant Vincent/ Las Puertas Del Cielo in Santa Agnes /  Ses Escoles in Santa Eulalia del Rio / Nagai on the Sant Joan road / Viccio the ice creme parlor in Sant Carles / Enfarinarte in Sant Carles / Sansara  in Santa Eulalia del Rio

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If you speak Dutch and you’re looking for more local tips, we warmly recommend you to snoop around on, hosted by our lovely Airbnb owners Kareth and Willem. They’re still building their website, but have a thing or two up their sleeves! Go and have a look at their lovely Airbnb address including cosy cats Luna and Deef, right here.
If you have any other burning Ibiza questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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  1. Hi, this is a really great post with lovely pictures. I was wondering if it would be possible to book one of the clubbing holidays (as they are cheap and I don’t mind where I lay my head) but actually spend my time exploring the island (especially a hippie market!), would it be relatively quick to get from the clubbing area to the more rural parts of the island? – G x

    • Hi Grace,

      Yes that would be possible! You do need a car to get around, but the island is very small. You can drive from one side to the complete opposite of the island in little more than half an hour.



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