Swedish melancholy at its driest

Sometimes you just feel connected to a brand. I had been seeing Stutterheim raincoats all over the place. They intrigued me and I decided to take a closer look at the product and the brand story that comes with it. I stumbled upon their poetic tagline, “Swedish melancholy at its driest”, and immediately knew what they were talking about. Being from Belgium, I know quite a lot about both rain and the melancholy that comes along with it. And most importantly, that this melancholy is an emotion of beauty, of creation, of excepting that it’s ok to feel that way from time to time. About the magic that is in the rain. That it brings us life and it cleanses the air. Stutterheim raincoats are here to protect you from that rain, but even better to give you the opportunity to be part of the rain. And all that in a slow fashion manner. Built on history and tradition, quality for life, simple but perfect in style and details. I got the chance to ask the founder, Alexander Stutterheim, a few questions. Read his answers below.

You’ve created raincoats inspired by the past, but built for the future. How do you see the brand evolve? Do you stick to raincoats or will you dive into history and bring back other solid products that will stand the test of time?
Good question. That is something we have been discussing a lot last year. We believe that we have shown the world that we are great in creating rubberized cotton items. We have established a trust of being the best when it comes to that material. Now we are slowly expanding that range with new styles. In the future we will start working with new materials as well. This will still be true to our core ethos of making people look good in the rain but we will offer more options that will be relevant for everyday use.

I suppose the oilcloth isn’t your everyday piece of fabric. This acquires some skill right? Where do you find your seamstresses in a world where craftsmanship and skill are disappearing?
We have been working with extremely skilled seamstresses and suppliers since the start. What people forget is that there is a huge industry of suppliers working with protective gear for different industries such as fishing, construction etc. This type of production obviously has great demands of flawless protection from the elements. We have been lucky to get that craftsmanship and knowledge into our world of luxury outerwear garments.

Who is your ultimate Stutterheim person? What qualities do you love in your clients?
As our collection is both functional and beautiful in its simplicity we have a wide range of consumers. Everything from berry picking old couples to business people and hipsters. I would say what is common for all of them is that they appreciate high quality and craftsmanship.

I fell head over heels for your tag line! Might be because I’m from Belgium and we have our annual fair share of rain and melancholy just like you. What is your favorite part about rain when it comes to city life?
Thanks! I’m glad when people see the meaning of our tagline in that way. I would say that the rain makes me see things in different ways. Both emotionally but also my closest everyday surroundings. Going for a long walk in the rain, passing things you see everyday is very interesting as you see it in a new way – if you are open to it and I believe the rain makes me at least.

Who is your favorite melancholic person in this world and why?
We award a person each year with our “Melancholy Award” to celebrate people who transform their blue periods into amazing music, art or writing for the rest of us to enjoy. I would say that I truly admire all people who are able to make melancholy and creativity go hand in hand.

What’s your own personal favorite Stutterheim coat in the collection and why?
I still really like the original Arholma Black, our very first coat. It has stitched and taped seams, cotton lining and beautiful small details such as the iPhone-pocket and a small Swedish flag on the inside of the coat. It’s also numbered and signed by our seamstresses to ensure maximum quality.

What’s your golden tip to deal with the rain in your life?
I would say that people shouldn’t try to avoid it. Maybe you will have a struggle to like it, but lets accept it at least. Everyone know that the sun will shine at some point anyway.




I’m wearing: coat – Stutterheim / pants: Uterquë / sweater: Nanushka

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