There are no roads in Bohemia

We all love a good Bohemian look. Is it the esthetics? Because it’s colorful and happy? Or the vague sense of freedom we dream it empowers? Where did we go wrong? Why did we loose the way to Bohemia? Maybe because there are no roads in Bohemia, one must choose and find one’s own path. I… More

Chloé Georgia

A woman falls in love at least a couple of times a year. Over and over again: with the love of her life, that fabulous pair of shoes, that special coat and, oh yes, that one designer bag. My new life partner? The Chloé Georgia mini. Ever since I started working, I’ve been investing in… More

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Sevens Ghent: designer bag philosophy

bag: Chloé Drew at Sevens / coat: COS / shirt: Arrow / pants: & Other Stories bag: Balenciaga Le Dix at Sevens Before moving to the Belgian capital of fashion, I’ve always been a girl from Ghent. I’ve known the city for a long time, I’ve seen stores come and go. But there was always this… More