Dark Night

“As the sun sets and dusk falls, the true allure of the Dark Night is brought to light. This limited edition version of the Tempête, revels in shadows, appearing both dark as night and transparent as air. The most technologically advanced bag ever made by la maison Delvaux, it combines an iconic shape with ultra-modern… More

In the realm of dreams… by Delvaux

Delvaux and René Magritte, a surreal combination, but a match made in heaven nonetheless. You might have been dreaming about the Brillant L’Humour, quoting “Ceci n’est pas un Delvaux”, for a while now, just like me. It’s like the best of Belgian art and craftsmanship rolled into one. My absolute number one bag. Something to… More

A girl geek guide to fashion

More than once, I’ve felt like a bit of a girl geek. Not that I’m into computer language, gaming or anything like that, it’s more of a tech fashion/blogger related kind of thing. People even tend to ask me advice about these topics nowadays. About time to introduce you to 3 of my favorite daily… More

Black & gold for NY

Haven’t got a clue what to wear on NY’s eve? Go for classic black & gold. Always impressive, always a little too much, never out of style! Add some white to freshen up your total look. Bound to impress your company. For the shoes I picked these cut-out beauties by Zign at Zalando. With their #wearshoes campaign… More

Leopard dress in Paris!

It takes a certain amount of guts to wear a leopard print dress. You need to be prepared for turning heads when crossing the street. Even in Paris during Fashion Week. Why is that? Leopard print is both beautiful and timeless when worn right. Is it the fatal attraction? The bestial? The flirting with the boundaries… More


Autumn is upon us and I’m not planning on letting go of the light in my life! The perfect way to brighten up your days is wearing delightful winter hues, like this poppy red. Knitwear in bright colors, the best of both worlds. I love the perfect black look just as much as the next one,… More

Scotch & Soda faux fur coat on www.yayzine.com

Winter is coming…

Winter is coming… So start prepping yourself! I’m practicing my faux fur look is this beauty from Scotch And Soda, hitting stores in September, I’ve been told. Wouldn’t mind spending all the frosty days to come in this soft furry friend… More autumn and winter friends in the spot lights on the blog, soon! xoxoNathalie faux fur… More

Ateliers Delvaux Bruxelles on www.yayzine.com

How a designer bag is made, by Delvaux.

If you haven’t read my introduction to the house of Delvaux yet, first head over to my previous post right here! Now in this post I’ll tell you why it’s a good idea to invest, yes it’s an investment, your money into a Delvaux, above all other designer bags. I have my fair share of designer bags carefully archived… More

Ateliers Delvaux Bruxelles on www.yayzine.com

Delvaux, from the kingdom of Belgium: An introduction

Now that we’re all proud being Belgian, thanks Red Devils for the World Cup fun, it’s time to look beyond the football field, onto another terrain we Belgians have been mastering for over decades… Not to long ago, I had the honor to visit the ateliers of Delvaux in Brussels. It was all I ever expected and… More