Tate Shots: Agnes Martin

“From music people accept pure emotion, but from art they demand explanation”

Let us introduce you to Agnes Martin. Quite the extraordinary artist.¬†Famous for her grids, she hasn’t always been the abstract painter we know today. It took her about 20 years to reach a state of art she was happy with. She found out that her art work, her grids, are some sort of mantra, a visual experience. The repetition is like the repetition of a sound, a kind of map to your inner responses and feelings.
We have a tremendous range of abstract feelings, but we don’t pay attention to them. Agnes just sits and waits for inspiration, coming to her in her mind, the size of a post stamp and she enlarges these feelings in the most secure and mathematical way. It makes you wonder what your feelings, sensations or subtle emotions would look like when visualized.

We are very sorry we missed this exhibition in the Tate Museum, but luckily we still have their YouTube channel.


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