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Since my last post about DCEMBER bags, I’ve had the honor of meeting the person behind the brand, Florien Pénard, and she entrusted me some of her bags for a shoot. I must admit I fell head over heels for the Lou tote, which also turned out to be a backpack! When you get a hold of a DCEMBER bag, you can immediately imagine your life together. The leather will turn from perfectly flawless into your personal lived-in partner in crime. The scars will become poetry over time and when your straps are all lived-out, you can just order new ones, no tears involved. Feel liking changing things up? Combine your favorite bag with new colored flaps and straps or wooden handles. A true investment piece.

Florien finds a lot of her inspiration in interiors, because a home is what you invest in, you make it your own, it’s something for years to come and so it should be with all valuable things in life. Leather is a precious material, with the strength to last a lifetime when taken well care of. The perfect basis for creating beautiful objects to accompany you through life.

What’s even more cool is that DCEMBER bags are made of personally picked animals, who had the best of care during their lives, the leather is vegetal tanned and the production takes place in Italy where you’ll find ages of knowledge and craftsmanship when it comes to leather.

More than just a bag. The bag you were looking for. The bag you can personalize, transform, love and cherish for a lifetime. Slow fashion in every way. A second skin for the things closest to you. Something that’s worth investing in.

wearing: bags: DCEMBER Bags // trench: Nanushka // denim: Levi’s 501 // shoes: By Malene Birger // sweater: Uniqlo // earring: Wouter & Hendrix






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