Tiny indoor gardens

In the quest of filling our suburbian apartment with all the types of plants I can find, I let my eyes dwell on the terrarium trend. And before I knew it, I had four tiny indoor gardens of my own…

plants 2

I had been waiting for water plant season all winter, so when they hit stores in May, I was well prepared. I had my glass containers ready, so I knew what I was looking for: one plant I could squeeze through a small hole by keeping all the leafs together and one more voluminous to fit into an open vase. Now, a few months later, they are still going strong. The bigger plants and lobes from the early days have perished and have been replaced by new baby plants. I love how this is a tiny ecosystem of its own, micro snails included. No maintenance needed for now, except adding more water when the level drops.


The other two, we tried before but failed to keep them alive. We’ve been struggling with housing this carnivorous plant, because we didn’t realize they can’t survive in classic plant soil, they need peat-soil instead. In the mean time the plant has flowered and is much happier than before.

I’ve always loved the detailed structure of the papyrus, but I had a hard time keeping it’s feet wet. If you keep them in a high glass vase, it’s much easier to keep the soil permanently moist, just what they like. By now it has grown way beyond the vase into a beautiful healthy marsh plant.

I love the variety you can bring into terrariums and finding the perfect fit for each plant. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your plants grow and flourish. And they make an original addition to your interior as well!


  1. I need to try this! I suck at keeping plants alive so these autonomous little ones seem like a good solution 😉
    What about cleaning? Does the water get all green or something?

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