Traveling close to home

Rose by Irving Penn

When we think about traveling, we always prefer to go as far away as possible. We seem to be unable to completely relax at home or we forget that there’s a whole new world right outside our door. So when the Province of Antwerp contacted me to be part of their summer holiday initiative, I decided to give this local holiday a try. Well, “What’s with the rose?”, you’re probably wondering. More about that later on. It’s like a tip of the veil.

Now, how about what the Province of Antwerp has to offer this summer! We locals have forgotten how refreshing local activities can be and how different they can be for people looking in from the outside. That’s why they invited Zhao Dandan, a Chinese young woman, to come and have an Antwerp holiday for a month. The tagline? “1,3 billion Chinese people, one crazy enough!” On her very own Antwerp website,, you can find out more about her program for the coming weeks and about who she is and what activities you can enjoy yourself in Antwerp the coming summer weeks.
To give Zhao Dandan the full Belgian experience, she’s looking for local families to stay with during her trip. If you’re interested in getting to meet her and you want to open up your home to her, please register right here.

I will be meeting up with Zhao Dandan myself to enjoy a local activity and will report back to you. I can’t wait to see my home through her eyes and join in her amazement. Putting things in perspective. Traveling close to home.

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