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“Don’t be like the rest of them darling!” A quote I religiously live by ever since I saw the light of day. Not that I try my hardest to be special, I just genuinely fall for the less evident things in life, I’m even drawn to it you could say.
That’s why I’m having a hard time living in a rental apartment. You don’t want to invest into fixed decorations that’ll cost you tons of money, but you won’t be able to take with you when you leave. I’ve already started to collect some eccentric and colorful items and decorations that brighten up my day as you can see in my bedroom, but they would look even better if they were combined with some outrageously over-the-top wallpaper.
And so from time to time, I dream away and start pinning about my perfect home… I’ve had it with all the white everything everywhere! Life is short, but beautiful. Show of your colorful personality like in the homes below, don’t be shy!

Wallpaper inspiration on yayzine.com 2

Are you the proud owner of your own home and a colorful personality? Here’s a few places to get your eclectic wallpaper fix:

Surfaceview offers you great options for murals, wallpapers and ceramic tiles

– Support local Belgian wallpaper talent by picking an animal or botanical print over at Tenue de Ville!

– Find brand and print inspiration over at Designer Wallcoverings LA

– Brows around on Etsy to find beautiful thing like this watercolor mural

– Discover just about any type or brand of wallpaper over at Wallpaper Direct

– Or start saving up for a print of my ultimate favorite de Gournay

– Don’t feel like spending all that money and got the urge to set free your creativity? Why don’t you create your own mural? It’ll be unique and as personal as it gets!


Wallpaper inspiration on yayzine.com 3


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