Welcome to Yayzine!

Welcome to Yayzine! We’ve been waiting for you to show up on our virtual doorstep and have a look around. Some of you might know us from The Merrymakers, our former blogger home. Well Yayzine will be the next chapter in our online adventure.
What can you expect? A look into the world through our eyes. You know we have a thing for fashion, but be sure to find out about how/where we live, the thingsย that make us tick, how we relax, the way we travel and the art that lights up our spirits.
Next to your occasional outfit post or shoot, I’ll take you deeper into the fashion story, looking for the how, why and who behind a garment, brand, store or object. Overall we’ll be zooming in on extraordinary details, but also looking for ordinary, daily beauty. We want to inspire you, make you think and above all give you a YAY-feeling when visiting our online world.
Who are “we”? Nathalie & Michiel. Find out more in the “About” section! Oh and always feel free to ask us any questions, share your ideas, opinions or visions in the comments below. We would love to interact with you. Let’s stay in touch, shall we! YAY!


  1. Congrats, on this ‘Yay-HayDay’ I am very much looking forward to see what kinds of pretty things your world has in store!

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